Being very much involved in a project like Bus:Stop Krumbach was fun in a way.
But beeing Partner for Sou Fujimoto was an honor.

Together with a very small team of experts we were working hard to realize
Sou Fujimoto’s outstanding design.

And we did it. Against all odds. The way to completion was some kind of journey for all of us. Completely different from what we normally do.
And that is why we like the project that much.

Based on a 3D-model provided by Sou Fujimoto Architects the engineers started with their calculations. The behavior of the structure to various load cases was thoroughly investigated.
And all those dynamic calculations led to the following dimensions for the structure:
– 25 x 25mm (square) for the connecting elements between the rods
– 45mm in diameter for the rods

Once the dimensions were defined, a mock up was made to study the appearance of the connection between the vertical rods and the horizontal connectors.

Designing and calculating this very unique structure is one thing. But building it, is the other.
The metalworker decided to split the whole structure into 4 segments. And each segment was built not in upright, but in lying position. Every single rot – in total 88 pieces – was manually put in its proper position and was then fixed by welding the connecting elements to the rods.

A structure which is taller than wider in its dimensions needs a massive foundation. This was definitely the case here. The base steel plates were casted in a reinforced concrete slab of 55 cm in thickness. And once this slab was poured the structure was lifted in a place segment by segment.

After the structure was put in place the painting work was done on site. Not an easy task, weather and wind tend to change day by day. And it took the painters two days to have their work finished.
Sou Fujimoto wanted to have his design in RAL9003 (Signal white). We think that was an excellent choice.

And finally the stair treads were applied. Manufactured in massive wood, 65mm in thickness and glazed in white color.

Design: Sou Fujimoto Architects, Tokyo, Japan

Client: Verein Kultur Krumbach

Structural Engineer: gbd, Dornbirn, Eugen Schuler, Pavel Cerny
Metalworker: Eberle Metall Exklusiv, Hittisau
Painting work: Malerei Jürgen Raid, Krumbach
Stair treads: Zimmerei Gerhard Berchtold, Schwarzenberg
Contractor: Haller Bau, Sulzberg

Photos: Adolf Bereuter, Bechter Zaffignani Architekten

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